Ski and Snowboarding lessons in Sierra Nevada

Clases de SNOW para Principiantes - Escuela Esqui Sierra Nevada

Snowboarding lessons for beginners

Welcome, Alpina Ski School is your ideal place to learn how to snowboard. You can count on us, one of the most internationally recognized ski school. We have at your disposal 15 instructors specialized in giving snowboarding lessons.

Beginners: With our guidance you will quickly know how to balance on your toe-edge and heel-edge of the board because safety is our first priority for beginners.

Private Lessons

If you are just beginning to learn how to snowboard, without a doubt, the best option you can choose are private lessons. With this option you will be giving an instructor dedicated just for you so you with enjoy your first lessons to the fullest. These first lessons are the most important to learn proper snowboarding techniques and learn proper posture and positions.