Ski and Snowboarding lessons in Sierra Nevada

Ski Lessons - Intermediate

Clases de SKI Nivel Intermedio - Escuela Esqui Sierra Nevada

Clases de SKI Nivel Intermedio

If you are passionate about skiing you already know that this sport is not one where you never stop learning and improving your techniques.

Keeping this in mind, we at Alpina Ski School offer classes for all levels and for whatever skiing and snowboarding disciplines one may need.

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SKI courses in Sierra Nevada

Cursos de SKI - Escuela Esqui Sierra Nevada

Ski Courses

Ski Courses Level BEGINNER : We initiate you in the basic technique of braking with wedges and turns. For beginners, safety is the priority, as is rapid learning.

Courses Ski INTERMEDIATE level : We will introduce you in the parallel so that you can make turns with speed.With good position and style you will enjoy and reduce fatigue.

Ski Courses EXPERT level: Directed mainly to drive the skis in maximum slope on the edges. In this way we will make turns with greater precision and comfort